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Areas of Practice

Our firm is proud to have a diverse collection of attorney's with a wide range of experience and specialties. Please Select the Practice area that best describes the legal services you are seeking.

Commercial Litigation/Business Litigation

    Real Estate Litigation
    Meyer Darragh's real estate litigation practice, led by Attorney Dan Lawson, provides legal services in the defense of claims deriving from real estate transfers and related contracts. Attorney Lawson is national counsel for a nationwide executive relocation entity and is responsible for coordinating and supervising local counsel across the country. He has provided counsel and legal representation in a wide range of matters which typically arise from the condition, transfer and/or acquisition of property, matters such as unrecorded easements, landslides, boundary disputes, and defective conditions and their consequences. Developing intelligent and innovative legal solutions to these often complex contractual and litigated issues is the standard for Meyer Darragh's real estate litigation practice area.
    Insurance Coverage Disputes
    As insurance defense attorneys, the lawyers of Meyer Darragh's insurance coverage practice group are uniquely qualified to understand the relationships between insureds and insurance carriers. We can provide early and concise evaluations of the likelihood of success in a particular case. Our insurance company clients rely on the many years of experience and formidable skill of our insurance coverage attorneys in providing counsel in matters such as declaratory judgment actions, breach of contract actions, bad faith, denial of first party auto, property insurance benefits and equitable actions.
    Commercial Lease Litigation
    Whether you seek a commercial lease litigation attorney due to problems arising from an existing lease, or whether you need an attorney to prepare or review a commercial lease to ensure that it contains concise, unambiguous language, our experienced commercial lease litigation attorneys can provide counsel and representation to protect your interests. We can aid the process to enforce the terms of a lease, institute eviction proceedings, and generally work to protect the interests of our clients in their commercial lease matters.
    Bank Foreclosure Litigation
    A bank foreclosure can be a grueling and difficult process for all parties. It takes a knowledge of the technical and legal issues to successfully resolve or litigate these matters. Our firm's banking foreclosure litigation practice group is designed to provide you with the resources to guide you through the process, working toward a solution, and litigating when necessary.
    Breach of Contract
    Breaches of contract can occur for many reasons. Sometimes unforseen circumstances arise, events that may not have been addressed when the contract was designed. Language in a contract, no matter how unambiguous it seems, can be misinterpreted and lead to breach. The legal complexities of a breach of contract case require analytical, methodical examination and a detail-oriented approach. Our innovative attorneys look at your individual case and provide counsel and representation to achieve the solutions in your best interests. Our attorneys counsel small businesses and draft various types of contracts and documents including covenants not to compete, distribution agreements, confidentiality agreements, and employee manuals and handbooks.

Regulatory Compliance

    Real Estate Licensing
    The complicated process of securing and protecting a real estate license can require experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel. Our attorneys can aid in preparation of applications for and renewals of real estate license, provide counsel when faced with investigation, inquiry, complaint or lawsuit, and work to reinstate a revoked license. We have obtained real estate licenses for our clients in Pennsylvania and many other states, and are possessed of a clear understanding of the law governing real estate licensing.
    Collection Agency Licensing/Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    The experienced attorneys of our collection agency licensing practice group have been involved in securing state-by-state licensing for their collection agency and third-party clients. Our attorneys know the strictly regulated and closely monitored debt collection industry, and provide legal counsel that is current and informed, and dedicated to working to ensure compliance with the many regulations governing their collection agency and third-party administrator clientele.
    Fair Credit Reporting Act
    A clear understanding of the Fair Credit Reporting Act is required by those who report information about debtors who owe money. Even the inadvertent reporting of inaccurate information can carry severe penalties. Our attorneys provide legal counsel that is experienced and up-to-date on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and its requirements, helping you and your business to maintain essential compliance with the FCRA.
    Legislative Analysis
    Businesses need to be aware of how they may be impacted by current and proposed legislation. The attorneys of our legislative analysis practice group are informed and insightful, and provide their clients with concise, precision legal analysis of the often complex legislation affecting their rights and business. We work with determination to protect and promote our clients’ best interests.

Product Liability

    Trucking Accidents
    The attorneys serving Meyer Darragh's trucking litigation practice are fiercely dedicated to protecting their trucking clients. Led by attorney Paul Robinson, the trucking litigation group is acutely aware of the special issues their clients face, like the perception that a big rig equates to a big target for litigation with a big payout. Even the most minor accidents can spawn lawsuits, leaving trucking companies facing costly litigation. Trucking companies, maybe more than others, require a vigorous, tenacious legal defense and a knowledge of how the trucking industry works. Our attorneys are skilled, experienced, and current in trucking law, and we work diligently to defend our trucking clients and their insurers from the unique litigation risks inherent in their business.
    Industrial Accidents
    When providing a defense involving an industrial accident, the attorneys of our industrial accident practice group realize the importance of providing representation to our clients with a clear understanding of their industry. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to learn and understand their clients’ business. With extensive experience in defending lawsuits involving all manner of industrial accidents, and injuries of every degree of severity, we feel we have a higher level of understanding that translates into better, more efficient representation for our clients.
    Aviation Accidents
    A fortunate outcome of the extreme efforts to maintain safety and security in the aviation industry is that there are not many attorneys with experience in defending the rare but catastrophic accidents that do occur. Meyer Darragh attorney Eric Anderson is one of a small group who has past experience in these cases, and that experience can aid in providing a defense in matters involving aviation accidents. Being a pilot himself, Attorney Anderson is possessed of an even deeper understanding of these matters, and puts that knowledge to use for his aviation clients.

General Litigation

    Premises Liability
    For decades, the attorneys of Meyer Darragh's have been providing high quality counsel to their premises liability clients. This area of law being one which can engender claims against nearly every type of business, entity, and property owning individual has given our attorneys the opportunity to defend a vast array of premises liability claims. The breadth of experience and unique set of skills that Meyer Darragh’s premises liability attorneys have accumulated in defending these claims provides a distinct benefit to our clients. From the residential slip and fall case to premises related injury matters defended on behalf of commercial and industrial defendants, we make the best use of our knowledge and experience, and work hard to best protect our clients and their insurers.
    Automobile Negligence
    It is difficult to overstate the experience of the attorneys of Meyer Darragh's automobile negligence practice area. From the many, many cases our attorneys have litigated for insurance company clients covering publicly owned vehicles, to claims handled for our public and mass transit vehicle clients and our waste industry and trucking clients, our automobile negligence attorneys continue to develop the strong roots of Meyer Darragh as a premier litigation defense firm. Our clients turn to Meyer Darragh to defend them in these claims because of our experienced, efficient representation, and the reputation we have earned in vigorously defending our clients in this area of the law.
    Construction Law
    Meyer Darragh's construction law attorneys realize that facing, or even initiating, litigation is anything but business as usual for our construction clients. Our goal is to work with our clients, keeping them informed and involved, while at the same time putting the experience of our construction law attorneys to work in dealing with the complex legal issues, allowing our clients to remain focused on their business. Our construction law practice group represents public, semi-public and private entities in all aspects of construction projects and litigation, including drafting contract documents, bidding, construction management, risk management, regulatory compliance, negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and litigation.

Transportation Law

    Trucking Law
    Meyer Darragh's trucking law practice area has grown in recent years due to the reputation of Attorney Paul Robinson as a most trenchant defender of his trucking clients. Attorney Robinson leads Meyer Darragh's trucking law practice group, and works to actively stay current on the law and the trucking industry to best serve his trucking clients. Meyer Darragh's trucking law practice group is incisive and innovative, and dedicated to providing high quality, efficient legal services to their trucking clients.
    Aviation Law
    Attorney Eric Anderson's familiarity with the aviation industry over the past 30 years has led many seeking counsel in aviation matters to his doorstep. A pilot himself, Attorney Anderson has a deeper understanding of the legal issues which can arise in the aviation industry. Whether it be contract matters, or the uncommon but very serious accident cases, Meyer Darragh's aviation practice group has the skill set and experience to provide effective and efficient counsel and representation.
    Lemon Law
    The attorney's defending Meyer Darragh’s Lemon Law clients provide experienced and efficient representation to major motor vehicle manufacturers facing claims of defect. Led by Attorney Mark Eck, the firm's lemon law defense practice works to vigorously defend its clients, whether that means fully litigating a matter, reaching a reasonable settlement, or providing counseling to try to avoid claims before they happen.

Workers' Compensation Defense

Workers' Compensation Defense
Meyer Darragh’s workers' compensation practice group relies on a depth of experience across a very broad base of industries. Led by Attorney Gary Scoulos, the workers' compensation group’s knowledge of the law has helped to protect clients in industries such as public transportation, power generation, municipal entities and religious institutions, to name a few. Our focused legal team has litigated workers' compensation claims in each judicial district in western Pennsylvania and in every appellate level of the workers' compensation system. We have also defended and counseled clients regarding claims filed under the Heart and Lung Act. Our firm’s workers’ compensation attorneys provide counsel and representation to a diverse group of public and private sector clients and employers including commercial insurance carriers and self-insured entities. This mix of clientele has given Meyer Darragh’s workers' compensation attorneys the chance to litigate claims encompassing a broad spectrum of work-related injuries. Our clients rely on Meyer Darragh’s workers' compensation group's skill set to protect their interests in defending the worker's compensation and Heart and Lung Act claims. Meyer Darragh attorneys counsel clients on regulatory compliance, safety programs, medical billings and fee disputes.