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Our firm is proud to have a diverse collection of attorney's with a wide range of experience and specialties. Please Select the Practice area that best describes the legal services you are seeking.

Criminal Law

    DUI Defense
    Charges of driving under the influence (DUI) can bring stiff penalties, including fines, drivers' license suspension, and even jail time. Attorney Kim Wm. Riester, who leads Meyer Darragh's DUI practice, has spent more than three decades protecting the rights of those facing DUI charges. Experienced in arguing these cases before juries, Kim works to create reasonable doubt of guilt in your drunk driving case. Attorney Riester has taught those skills to lawyers and judges at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute for many years. He is one of only a few members of the National and Pennsylvania DUI Defense Associations. Safeguarding your rights is the priority for Meyer Darragh's DUI practice.
    Criminal Defense - General Criminal Law
    Doing battle in the criminal court system requires unique insight and a skilled approach. A clear understanding of the facts of your case, and an awareness of the inner-workings of the criminal prosecution process are necessary to protect your rights. Meyer Darragh's criminal defense practice group is led by Kim Wm. Riester, a one time prosecutor in the district attorney's and U.S. attorney's office. He has extensive experience on both sides of the criminal courtroom, having tried over 300 homicide cases. Attorney Riester uses that experience to prepare a vigorous defense in your criminal case.
    Carrying a criminal charge on your record can impact many aspects of your life. It can affect your employment, your ability to make major purchases, and even opportunities to serve as a volunteer. There are circumstances under which your record can be cleared. Our attorneys can look at your unique case and counsel you on opportunities that may be available for you to have your record expunged. We know the process, and have successfully expunged the criminal records of many clients, allowing them to move on with their lives. Speak with one of our law firm's criminal defense attorneys to find out more about the expungement process and how it may help you get a fresh start.

Motor Vehicle Code

    Penn-DOT Appeals
    Filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is a regimented, time-sensitive process with procedures that must be adhered to strictly. Meyer Darragh's attorneys who handle your PennDOT appeal are aware of the strict deadlines that can end your appeal before it starts and are experienced in protecting the rights of drivers.
    Summary Trials
    Although of less significance than a felony or misdemeanor charge, a summary conviction can have profound collateral consequences. Presently, these records are maintained "on-line" and can be accessed by anyone. A conviction can carry up to a 90 day period of incarceration. Under the Code, these proceedings arise from a deceptively innocuous sounding action known as "traffic tickets." Nevertheless, some of these offenses carry a significant penalty and loss of license privileges or points. This, in turn, can affect car insurance rates or eligibility and can be transferred or reported to other states. Our attorneys frequently act in conjunction with counsel in other states to prevent further consequences.
    License Suspension
    The severe restriction of losing your license and your freedom to drive can have a profound impact on your lifestyle and your livelihood. Your privileges can be suspended for many reasons such as a DUI, Driving While Privileges are Suspended, Reckless Driving and other “traffic offenses.” In addition, your privileges can be taken away for mere failure to respond to a traffic ticket, failure to maintain insurance, and other numerous causes. Our attorneys can review your case and work to try and help you maintain or regain your driving privileges.

Firearms Rights

    Firearm Rights
    Meyer Darragh's Dan Lawson imparts his personal enthusiasm to a rather specialized area of practice. Attorney Lawson works to protect the rights of owners and prospective owners of firearms, as well as sellers, distributors and manufacturers of weapons, in regulatory and litigation matters. Representing clients in this area of the law requires a keen understanding of the special issues facing the firearms industry and its consumers. Meyer Darragh attorneys have experience in these matters and has represented a well-known national organization promoting the rights of gun owners and the firearms industry. Our firearm law attorneys can provide legal representation in matters involving Second Amendment challenges, restoration of firearms, PICS challenges/appeals, and preemption (Uniforms Firearms Act) challenges. We also work to protect our clients’ rights and remove obstacles to gun ownership in matters like expungement of mental health record and expungement of criminal record for firearms purchase.

Family Law

    We offer legal services as a divorce attorney, child custody lawyer, child support attorney, spousal support lawyer, and other family law issues including: contested divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative law, legal name modifications/changes, legal separations, alimony pendente lite, domestic relations law, common law marriages, marital property, division of marital property, pre-marital property, pre-nuptial agreements, equitable distribution (of pensions, retirement accounts, IRA funds, stocks, bonds, dividends), establishing paternity, DNA testing, blood tests, 90 day waiting period pursuant to the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, two-year waiting period pursuant to the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, venue issues, grandparents' rights, valuation of property, appraisals, and protection from abuse orders (PFA's).
    Lee R. Demosky, Attorney-at-Law, deals with all child custody issues in Westmoreland, Fayette and Indiana Counties including the following areas: child custody, shared custody, split custody, legal custody, physical custody, visitation, violation of court orders, bench warrants, grandparents' rights, fathers' rights, ICWA issues, paternal rights, paternity, establishing paternity, DNA testing, blood tests, visitation rights, emergency petitions, counseling, family services, psychiatric evaluations, emergency custody orders and custody trials.